Kasmetiniai salsos festivaliai

Salsos festivaliai, kuriuose galima patobulinti savo šokių žinias pas geriausius šokių mokytojus pasaulyje, vakarėlių metu pasidalinti gerąja šokių patirtimi ir puikiai praleisti laiką. Pateikiame keletą rekomenduojamų salsos festivalių Europoje.

(engl.) A Salsa congress is a multi-day dance festival featuring workshops, social dancing, performances and competitions focusing on Salsa dancing. The format was first pioneered at the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress in 1997.

Since then salsa congresses have become popular in almost every country, including different cities in the USA, all over Europe, parts of Asia, and countries in Latin America and Africa. There are many events that follow a similar format to salsa congresses, but go by other names such as “Salsa Festival” or “Salsa Summit”.

By 2013 Salsa congresses and festivals had become an annual tradition in nearly half the major European cities, including London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Vilnius (Lithuania), Budapest (Hungary), Brasov (Romania), Split (Croatia), Milan (Italy), Riga (Latvia), Munich (Germany), Maribor (Slovenia), Edinburgh (Scotland) and many others.

Many of the most successful and relevant salsa congresses in Europe were started in 2002, such as the UK International Salsa Congress in London, Simposium de la salsa (Madrid), Rome, Hamburg and the Switzerland Salsa Congress at Zurich. One of the first salsa congresses in Germany was 2003 in Regensburg.

The Croatian Summer Salsa Festival (CSSF) in Rovinj Croatia was founded in 2005, as well as the Tallinn Salsafestival (TSF) in Estonia. The Salsa Vilnius festival (VSF) that takes place annually in Lithuania was started in 2007.

There are many other congresses in Europe now available to enjoy, each with its own unique flavour; in the UK for instance is the Teesside Latin Festival (started in 2009) in the north east of England, which is one of the most popular and fastest growing in UK. The congress combines LA salsa, NY Salsa and Cuban Salsa in one festival. It also includes a Kizomba Festival.

When making a choice of congresses salseros first need to determine what they ‘like’ or prefer and their budgets. Some congresses cater more towards one style, such as Bachata, Cuban Salsa, LA/NY Salsa and NY on2, others give a taste of all styles and encourage salseros to experience different forms of dancing. As a general rule for beginners, improvers and intermediate dancers an ‘all style’ congress is the most suitable. More advanced dancers who specialise in a specific style of dancing may want to go to a more focused congress. Some combine a holiday with a congress, staying for a few extra days for sightseeing or to go to the Beach.


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